March 7, 2011

Dance Class

Reese started her very first dance class. She isn't very graceful but I'm hoping this will help her a little. She is by far the cutest little girl in the class, that's for sure!!

Happy Birthday Maddox (a little late)!!!

Yes, I'm lame at blogging. I still love this little guy more then I can ever say, but apparently I'm out of the blogging groove!

It's hard to believe that this little boy is 2 already. He is so much fun to have around!! He has been talking sentences since he was 18 months old so now he's a pro! He has a the best sense of humor and loves to make us laugh! He will copy his big brother and sister regardless of what it is. Mason loves to throw the ball up in the air in the house and Maddox will be right behind him doing the exact same thing. He is about 3 lbs smaller than Mason was at his age, which worries me a little because Mason is soooo skinny right now! Does that mean Maddox is going to be super skinny at 6??? We will see I guess!

We love this little boy so much and even though he came a couple years earlier then we had planned, we are so glad he is here and so glad he is ours! We are extremely grateful for our happy, healthy children!!!

January 8, 2011

Go Seahawks!

Mason went to his very first NFL game today! Lucky for him it was a playoff game!! Even luckier...they won, against all odds! We have one happy boy!

January 7, 2011


Reesie is in Sunbeams now at church! She was so excited to go to her big girl class. I am the nursery leader at church and she was glad to not be with Mommy anymore (sad)! Maddox is still with me to keep me company. In fact, because of his birthday he will be in nursery another 2 years! Hopefully I'll be released by then!!

I found the picture I took of Mason on his first day of sunbeams. I can't believe how little he was and that was only 3 years ago! Reese is about 4 months older in her picture than Mason is in his picture.

We survived Christmas!

Christmas morning was so much fun. The kids were very spoiled!! Mason had a very LEGO Christmas this year! Reesie got everything she asked for and more! Maddox is still pretty new to all of this and went with the flow. He was happy with his little people ramp and eating all the chocolate he could his little hands on!! Here are a few pictures to show you the madness that went on. First I should start off by saying that at the bottom of the stairs Christmas morning was a shiny new camera for me :) These were taken with it!

Sheesh I love them!! They were SO excited!

He is totally into cheesy face smile right now! Love it!

Maddox loves chocolate! This and Easter is about the only time each year I let them eat candy before breakfast!

He made this face a lot! He is the best person to buy a gift for because he gets so excited!!!!

She is so funny!! We got a lot of "OH MY GOSH" and "HOLY COW" comments from her. One time she got so excited she said "OH MY COW". Funniest thing ever, wish I had that one tape!

Chocolate again. Good thing we didn't get him very many gifts, because he really didn't care!

The aftermath! It was pretty intense this year. I always say I'm going to cut back but I don't. I love to spoil them. I can't help it.

Just when they thought it was over, Derek took Mason outside to see the brand new basketball hoop. He flipped. Good thing, because it took Derek and my little brother 5 hours Christmas eve night putting it together!!!

December 9, 2010

Falcon Reader!

Not exactly sure why he received this today, but the principle read Mason's name over the loud speaker which Mason thought was really cool. I emailed the teacher today and asked why he got it, still waiting for her response :) Either way...WAY TO GO MASON!!! (and apparently they don't have Mason's retake picture on file. This was his first try!)

Merry Christmas!

We hope everyone has a wonderful Holiday Season! I love this time of year. I love seeing the magic of Christmas through my children's eyes!!


His first try at Kindergarten pictures didn't turn out that great. I was nervous to do retakes because I wasn't sure if he was going to do any better. I think they turned out FABULOUS! Oh and if you are wondering why I let him wear a Mariners shirt, I just thought it was him. He is a sports nut and it totally reflects who he is!

November 8, 2010

I can read!

Doesn't he look sooo old?? I can't believe how much he is growing!!

It is so exciting watching Mason learn to read! He is catching on fast and we get so excited when he can read a whole book with out help! WAY TO GO MASON!

Pizza night!

Daddy had a meeting tonight so we splurged and bought pizza!! I know, not the healthiest for these little bodies, but every once and a while we need some pizza!! Maddox loves to sit at the table like his brother and sister. As long as he sits, I love it too.